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The Power of NIMA

This 360° speaker was engineered to spread joy, jaw-dropping sound in every direction. That means, when everyone stands around it, everyone gets the same experience. If you set it near a wall, sound will radiate and reflect around the room, immersing you in that same feeling you felt at your favorite concert. It's designed to go wherever you want.

Designed For The Ultimate Sports Fan

Down-firing subwoofers push the soundwaves they produce towards the hard surface where they are reflected and given a richer sound for a stronger “rumble” bass effect.

Engineering & Craftsmanship

When the direct sound diminishes in intensity in accordance with the inverse law the multitude of reflective sound intensities are combining to produce as an increase in the reflected sound levels to a point where the reflected sound can be higher than the direct sound. A typical example of this phenomena would be a voluminous, hard surfaced gymnasium that can experience a Significant build up of reflective sound intensity.

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